Whoever comes across this – Please give me a topic to share my thoughts about! I would so pleased 😀


OMG! I got my braces off today! I was so excited! They turned out pretty good! I don’t think im that type of person that goes with teeth like I mean I look better with a closed smile. My friend got it the same time and same day as me. We have the same orthodontist so we were right next to each other. Coincidence! Anywho, I’m really pleased with the result! Everyone was complementing me today and it felt great! Confidence booster!

First Post! :P


AHHHHHHHHHHH……… first post!!!! I’ve never done a blog before so this is completely new to me. I’m not exactly sure how this is going to go but I hope it goes good. I guess that I just write what I want. I have decided to write about my life, ideas, thoughts, etc. Anything that comes up in my mind, I’ll write. Wish me luck whoever is reading 😀